Rolfing® - Structural Integration

RoyalRolfing Frederick King Text1 Everything in the human body is held together by the “connective tissue” (fascia) which helps maintain a structural integrity. The fascia plays an important role as the connective tissue between bones, organs, nervous system and the inner and outer movement of the musculoskeletal system. By understanding the influence of gravity upon the different elements of the human body, Dr. Ida Rolf developed new therapeutic understanding and techniques to improve our structural integration, posture and wellbeing.

Our body structure is effected by posture, and how we move against gravity. Incorrect posture can create inappropriate biomechanical stress and injuries, and effect how we move our bodies. Similarly incorrect movement patterns learned through injury and inappropriate biomechanical stress can affect our posture and structural integrity. The techniques developed by Dr. Ida Rolf help change body structures and provide patterns of sustainable movement. Through Rolfing the body becomes upright and more flexible as we relearn correct movement patterns, and memories of pain and injury fade away.

Most of my clients book appointments due to chronic stiffness or problems due to posture (like scoliosis, hollow-back, hunched back) or whiplash injuries. Rolfing aligns the body with gravity, and relieves acute and chronic symptoms of the pain. Rolfing is a transformative process, and is typically undertaken through series of 10 sessions.

Rolfing is a holistic type of bodywork which is good for posture and movement, and leads to an upright position, free breathing, fluent movements and a balance of the inner (core) and outer (sleeve) body.

ida rolf coulor Background of Dr. Ida Rolf

Dr. Ida Pauline Rolf (1896 – 1979) was an American biochemist and is the creator and founder of Rolfing. Ida Rolf realized that the nearer body parts are to the ideal midline, the less energy is needed to maintain an upright position. Gravity then supports the body to move effortlessly and with more elasticity.

Through decades of experience Dr. Ida Rolf developed a process to work with the structure and logic of the body. This enables Rolfer’s to provoke changes in the body and allow the client to integrate them. Each of the Rolfing sessions are built on top of each other in order to prepare the body for the next session. During the first three sessions, the external layers of the connective tissue are brought into a better order, which than allows deeper work in the following four sessions. The last three sessions integrates these changes in to daily life.

Through different techniques the Rolfer works the connective tissue (fascia) to bring a greater order to the body and posture. At this point, free and fluid movements begin to be felt by the client. The deep and specific touch of the Rolfer helps teach the client to better perceive their body in a new way, and explore new patterns of movement. As Rolfer’ we believe the body is formed, held and allowed to move by fascia. Through precise pressure, the hands of the Rolfer work the fascia in order to ease the patterns of tension. The Rolfer’s touch therefore is not comparable to traditional massage or acupressure or shiatsu.

In general the Rolfer and client undertake the series of 10 sessions over a period about 3 months. Together they work the body systematically from head to toe and first results can be observed typically after the first 3 sessions. If you cannot commit to a series of 10 sessions, then I would recommend at least 3 consecutive sessions. Ida with Client md

Rolfing is about teamwork. The more attentive the client, the more they participate during the process, the more they will benefit from the sessions. Before and after each session you will be viewed in standing, walking and sitting in order to find out where your resources are and how your individual potential can/could be realized.

With the tenth session the process of treatment is closed, but the body will continue working for at least six months, so as to find a new balance / equilibrium. After a certain time, there are possibilities to receive continuation sessions or a short series.

Through the reduction of pain, new energies are set free, which were bound to the body structure. This new vitality can change life quality, lust for life, as well as the perception of ourselves. As your Rolfer, I would be very pleased to support you in this process of improving your bodywork and wellbeing.